AAEM Physician Group

AAEM Physician Group

AAEM-PG Welcomes First Group: Greater San Antonio Emergency Physicians - 7/26/16

The American Academy of Emergency Medicine Physician Group (AAEM-PG) is proud to announce Greater San Antonio Emergency Physicians (GSEP) will be joining AAEM-PG as the inaugural physician group.

AAEM-PG was founded in late 2015 with the goal of putting values that have guided AAEM for over 20 years: fairness, transparency and unyielding dedication to the welfare of the individual emergency physician, into direct action.

GSEP Joins the Team
GSEP is an independent and democratic association comprised of over 75 emergency physicians serving six hospitals and over 200,000 patients per year in San Antonio, Texas.

GSEP President, Bob Frolichstein, MD FAAEM, is excited about the new venture.

“GSEP is thrilled to be the first emergency medicine group to partner with AAEM-PG. The Academy has a long and storied history of supporting fairness and transparency, traits that mirror the ideals of our group and many other independent democratic groups throughout the country. Our practice has been searching for a solution to compete with organizations that continue to grow at the expense of the individual physician. AAEM-PG is the answer. The depth of resources and experience truly levels the playing field and ushers in a new era in emergency medicine.”

A New Era in Physician Group Management
AAEM-PG seeks to improve the marketplace for emergency medicine (EM) physicians and their patients by creating a large, national group that adheres to the values of AAEM. EM physicians under the AAEM-PG umbrella practice in a setting based on equal partnerships of professional colleagues where each member is an owner. This will allow them to more fully enjoy the practice of EM and be more able to endure its inherent stresses. The patients in turn will be better served by these more professionally satisfied physicians.

As AAEM-PG CEO, Robert McNamara, MD FAAEM, notes:

“A new day is beginning in EM and it is great to have GSEP as the inaugural member of the AAEM-PG. This represents the first important step towards countering the increasing corporate control of our profession. AAEM firmly believes that its members, the patients and the hospitals we work at are much better served when physicians own their practices and remain free of influence from for-profit lay corporations. We hope to expand this model across the country and encourage other groups with a similar vision to examine what the AAEM-PG has to offer.”

Top-Tier Practice Support
AAEM-PG will be supported by Intermedix, an organization with more than 35 years of experience serving the emergency medicine specialty. Intermedix will provide AAEM-PG member physicians with a comprehensive infrastructure of analytics, practice management and revenue cycle technology and services.

“We are committed to the welfare of emergency physicians by offering those who wish to remain independent a viable means to do so, without sacrificing their ability to compete in the changing health care landscape,” said Joel Portice, CEO of Intermedix. “It is an honor to support AAEM-PG with a full breadth of specialized services that will allow its members to focus on practicing medicine while we ensure their financial success.”


AAEM-PG is a national physician group that adheres to the values of AAEM and fosters a management setting based on fairness and transparency where each is an owner. AAEM-PG supports independent practices with financial and management resources. AAEM-PG believes the brightest future for EM physicians is when they own their practice.

Last updated: July 26, 2016