For Hospitals

Avoid Turnover

  • Emergency physicians overwhelmingly prefer to be a part of a physician owned group
  • Once in a physician owned group, they are unlikely to leave
  • Well run private groups routinely have very long relationships with hospitals
  • The AAEM-PG structure does not allow for the group to be sold to a corporate entity

Attract the Best Physicians

  • The AAEM is an all board-certified organization

Have invested and engaged emergency physicians who care about ED operations and patient flow

  • Owner physicians are directly vested in the success of the practice
  • The better the ED operates the greater their rewards

Have emergency physicians who will improve the hospital and the community

  • Owner physicians recognize the need to serve the administration and medical staff
  • They will participate in committees, community service and other projects
  • The nursing and medical staff will appreciate the continuity and high quality of care provided
  • The patients will appreciate the high quality of care and attention to their needs

Avoid potential regulatory issues by contracting with the AAEM Physician Group

  •  A physician owned practice will not violate corporate practice of medicine prohibitions
  •  A physician owned practice will not raise issues of fee-splitting with lay entities

Practice Support Specifics
AAEM-PG offers every needed aspect of business support from contract acquisition/start up to maintenance of a mature practice. We can provide guidance on group structure and function, all financial services needed to run a practice, management of billing and coding services, IT support, HR needs such as benefits, staffing, scheduling, recruiting, credentialing, risk management and assistance in promoting good relationships with the hospital and medical staff. View the comprehensive list of what AAEM-PG offers.