For Physician Groups

Avoid Takeover

  • Your contract is under continual threat from large corporate groups
  • Be able to offer what they tout: economies of scale, professional management, national expertise, bench strength
  • Participate in a larger group where you retain ownership of the contract

Strengthen Your Group

  • Have a huge recruiting edge with the AAEM name and values it represents
  • Fend off erosion of group values with a practice that is bound to the fairness principles of AAEM
  • Maintain physician leadership to protect your group’s autonomy
  • Have the entire group of physicians invested in the continued success of the practice

Group Longevity

  • Be a practice where physicians want to stay for decades not years              
  • Be able to fairly address issues related to shift work, stress and the aging physician
  • Rule out a “sell off” by the senior physicians, the AAEM-PG affiliation does not allow this

Continue to work for yourself and your colleagues not a corporation or an individual

  • The AAEM-PG is not at risk of being sold; its purpose is to serve its members by creating fair work opportunities to enhance their professional lives
  • The administrative costs of the AAEM-PG will be fair and transparent

Practice Support Specifics
AAEM-PG offers every needed aspect of business support from contract acquisition/start up to maintenance of a mature practice. We can provide guidance on group structure and function, all financial services needed to run a practice, management of billing and coding services, IT support, HR needs such as benefits, staffing, scheduling, recruiting, credentialing, risk management and assistance in promoting good relationships with the hospital and medical staff. View the comprehensive list of what AAEM-PG offers.