For Physicians

Avoid Burnout

  • Be part of a practice that is bound to the fairness principles of AAEM
  • A top factor identified is loss of autonomy = not in control of your practice or destiny
  • Avoid the insidious effects of feeling under rewarded/taken advantage of in a demanding job
    • You will be one of few EM physicians who actually see what is paid in their name
    • You will know exactly how your compensation is derived

Career Longevity

  • Be part of a practice where physicians take care of each other
  • Be part of a practice that recognizes issues related to shift work, stress and the aging physician
  • You will not be “sold out” by the senior physicians, the AAEM-PG affiliation does not allow this

Restoration of Autonomy

  • Be part of a practice that is run by the local physicians for the physicians
  • Be part of a practice that recognizes the flaws of ED patient satisfaction surveys
  • Be part of a practice that will not agree to without cause termination
  • Be part of a practice that will keep hospital administrative influence in check

Work for yourself and your colleagues, not a corporation or an individual

  • You will not have excess amounts of your professional fees diverted to lay owners or a physician who has not treated the patient
  • The AAEM-PG is not at risk of being sold; its purpose is to serve its members by creating fair work opportunities to enhance their professional lives

Practice Support Specifics
AAEM-PG offers every needed aspect of business support from contract acquisition/start up to maintenance of a mature practice. We can provide guidance on group structure and function, all financial services needed to run a practice, management of billing and coding services, IT support, HR needs such as benefits, staffing, scheduling, recruiting, credentialing, risk management and assistance in promoting good relationships with the hospital and medical staff. View the comprehensive list of what AAEM-PG offers.