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AAEM Physician Group

About Us

The AAEM Physician Group seeks to improve the marketplace for EM physicians and their patients by creating a large, national group that adheres to the values of AAEM. We will do so by having EM physicians practice in a setting based on fairness and transparency where each is an owner. This will allow them to more fully enjoy the practice of EM and be more able to endure its inherent stresses. The patients in turn will be better served by these more professionally satisfied physicians. 

In contrast to corporate groups or limited ownership practices each of our physicians will have an equal stake in the success of the practice creating an esprit de corps that will benefit the hospital and its medical staff.  Most importantly, we believe this new arrangement will help improve the current status of EM as the specialty with the highest burn out rates. 

For the good of the physicians, their families and the patients they serve we cannot have the best and the brightest of EM quitting the field because of practice issues associated with corporate employment. These issues, which include loss of autonomy, feelings of financial exploitation and business interference in medical matters, unnecessarily add to the difficulties of caring for patients on the front lines of our health care system. 

Join with us to help create a better future for our young EM physicians and to preserve the best form of EM practice: equal partnerships of professional colleagues. Below are the principles by which the AAEM Physician Group will operate: Read the AAEM Physician Group Principles.


Chief Medical Officer

Robert M. McNamara, MD MAAEM FAAEM

Chief Executive Officer


AAEM-PG Board of Directors

Thomas R. Tobin, MD MBA FAAEM

At-Large Directors

  • LE Gomez, MD MBA FAAEM
  • Arthur Smolensky, MD FAAEM
  • Andy Walker, MD, FAAEM