It is time for a NEW ERA in emergency physician group management

The AAEM Physician Group holds true to the values that have guided AAEM for 30 years: fairness, transparency, and empowering our emergency physicians. Democratic, physician-owned, emergency medicine groups provide the highest level of patient care and have the strongest commitment to their hospitals and local communities. The AAEM Physician Group supports existing democratic emergency physician groups and can assist in the creation of new groups.

The AAEM Physician Group can help you:

  • Optimize the management of your emergency physician group
  • Protect your group from external and internal threats
  • Recruit the best emergency medicine specialists
  • Access the expertise of AAEM-PG leadership and expert consultants
  • Negotiate effectively with insurers and vendors

News and Updates

AAEM-PG Welcomes Pacific Redwood Medical Group

AAEM-PG Files Suit Against Envision Healthcare Alleging the Illegal Corporate Practice of Medicine

AAEM Physician Group Welcomes Sandhills Emergency Physicians

AAEM-PG Welcomes Fourth Group: South Bend Emergency Physicians of Indiana - 8/16/19

Texas Medical Association: AAEM Physician Group Chief Medical Officer quoted in Hospitalist Corporate Practice article in Texas Medicine - 7/26/18
These problems don’t just infringe on the practice of medicine here and there — they signal the steady erosion of key legal protections designed to keep non-medical professionals from interfering in a physician’s medical judgment, Dr. McNamara told Texas Medicine. “There’s some legendary stuff that they’re doing [to] the practice of medicine.”

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