About Us

About Us

AAEM-PG empowers local, independent, democratic emergency physician groups to meet their full potential.

Our member groups practice in a setting based on fairness and transparency where each physician is an owner. AAEM believes physician groups comprised of local physician owners provide the highest level of care and are most invested in the long-term success of their hospital partners and community.

AAEM-PG provides support to independent democratic emergency physician groups – our member groups retain full ownership of their practices. Profits are re-invested into the group (competing national groups typically spend 20-40% of revenues on corporate overhead and profit). AAEM-PG can also assist in the formation of new emergency medicine groups.

Practice Management and RCM Support

We partner with several practice management and revenue cycle management companies.

  • All have extensive experience in emergency medicine
  • Variety of levels of scope of service and pricing
  • May also participate in AAEM-PG without using one of our practice management/RCM partners
  • Expertise with practice operations support, ED operations support, comprehensive revenue cycle solutions, payer relations, revenue optimization, practice data analytics, human resources management, benefits administration, accounting and financial, strategic guidance
Protect Your Group from External and Internal Threats

AAEM-PG groups provide excellent value for contract stability – professional management, national expertise, economies of scale.

  • AAEM-PG leaders have extensive experience assisting with contract threats
  • Potential additional assistance with contract threats from AAEM, the AAEM Foundation, and the AAEM Legal Committee
  • Significant expertise with corporate practice of medicine and fee-splitting issues
Practice Growth and Integrity
  • Avoid erosion of group values with a practice that is bound to the fairness principles of AAEM
  • Group governance support from AAEM-PG leadership
  • Help with exploring additional sites or service lines
  • Be a practice where physicians join for their career
Recruit the Best Emergency Physicians
  • Huge recruiting and retention edge with the AAEM name and values
  • Use of the AAEM-PG name and logo for recruiting
  • Complimentary booth for your group at AAEM Scientific Assembly
  • Complimentary ads in the AAEM Job Bank
  • Listing on the AAEM-PG website
  • Discounted rates for locums physicians and placements via AAEM Locum Group (AAEM-LG)
Access to AAEM-PG Leadership
  • AAEM-PG CMO and CEO assist your group with a variety of practice management, group governance, and operational matters
  • AAEM-PG CMO and CEO can join your group meetings and interact with your hospital leadership and can help identify other AAEM leaders to assist your group 
  • AAEM-PG Leadership, with assistance from AAEM-PG consultants, can provide feedback on important group functions such as group structure, ED operations, medical malpractice, retirement benefits, insurance contracts, hospital subsidies etc. 
Consultation Service
  • Member groups receive complimentary hours of consultation from the AAEM-PG CEO, CMO, and any of our emergency physician consultants with wide-ranging expertise
    • less than 25k visits = 20 hours
    • 25-75k visits = 40 hours
  • Additional consultation hours available for a discounted rate of $300/hour (pricing for non-AAEM-PG members is $500/hour)
Educational Benefits
Negotiation Help with Insurers, Hospitals, Vendors
  • AAEM-PG leadership and/or consultants can negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies, hospitals, and vendors
  • We can utilize our expertise, experience, economies of scale, and access to information to help maximize your success
  • With our assistance, our partner groups can increase their bottom line by significantly more than the cost of AAEM-PG membership