AAEM Physician Group

AAEM Physician Group

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Capital Emergency Physicians

Joined: March 2017




Chesapeake Emergency Physicians

Joined: November 2016

“With the ever increasing challenges in health care and specifically the challenges of emergency medicine, Chesapeake Emergency Physicians is excited to be facing the future as part of AAEM-PG!" - Lewis Siegel, MD FAAEM, Chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine


Greater San Antonio Emergency Physicians

Joined: July 2016

“GSEP is thrilled to be the first emergency medicine group to partner with AAEM-PG. The Academy has a long and storied history of supporting fairness and transparency, traits that mirror the ideals of our group and many other independent democratic groups throughout the country. Our practice has been searching for a solution to compete with organizations that continue to grow at the expense of the individual physician. AAEM-PG is the answer. The depth of resources and experience truly levels the playing field and ushers in a new era in emergency medicine.” - GSEP President, Bob Frolichstein, MD FAAEM


Last updated: May 19, 2017