AAEM Physician Group

AAEM Physician Group

The brightest future for EM physicians is when they own their practice.

It is time for a new era in EM physician group management. The AAEM Physician Group (AAEM-PG) holds true to the values that have guided AAEM for over 20 years: fairness, transparency and unyielding dedication to the welfare of the individual emergency physician.

  • Be part of a practice where physicians take care of each other and you have an equal voice
  • Be part of a practice that is run by the local physicians for the physicians
  • Be one of the few EM physicians who see what is billed and paid in their name


News and Updates

EM News: Special Report: Hospitalists, Emergency Physicians, and Cross-Subsidization - 2/2/18
Dr. McNamara said the trend represents a threat to the specialty of emergency medicine. “First, it creates further growth of these large corporate-owned groups, which AAEM believes is not in the best interest of patients

AAEM-PG Welcomes Second Group: Chesapeake Emergency Physicians - 11/3/16
The American Academy of Emergency Medicine Physician Group (AAEM-PG) is proud to announce Chesapeake Emergency Physicians (CEP) will be joining as AAEM-PG's second group.

Journal of Emergency Medicine article on EM profiteering - 6/16/16
This article co-authored by the AAEM Physician Group CMO, Robert McNamara, MD FAAEM, is an extensive review of the problems associated with corporate control of the practice of emergency medicine. It describes many of the reasons why AAEM has embarked on this venture to preserve and restore physician ownership in the practice of EM. The article describes the potential negative repercussions for patients and the physicians who care for them in a corporate model.

AAEM Bolsters Independent Practices by Providing Expertise and Services - 2/2/16
AAEM-PG is an umbrella physician group that will provide consultation and practice services to local, independent physician groups and is actively seeking new clients.

EM News: AAEM’s Protection for Democratic EM Groups - 1/28/16
AAEM ... is ready to move beyond advocacy, and is establishing the AAEM Physician Group based on the principles of the organization that stress group autonomy, fair pay, and transparency in financial transactions.

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